Your wedding is one of the most exciting, nerve-wracking, wonderful, exhausting – and expensive – days of your life.

You need to trust that everyone will play their part. And you want it to be perfect.

One way to set the mood is with live music – which can feature at various parts of the day.

There are a lot of options to choose from, and it can be a daunting task! So I find it important to meet with the couple-to-be before the wedding, to discuss where you would like musical backdrops, and we can work out what that music might be.

Choose from a wide selection of music and styles – classical, cocktail, pop or songs from the shows… Or perhaps you have particular favourites you would like to hear? Just ask!

We can chat about the type of music you like, and what will fit in with all your wedding ideas. Or maybe you’re not sure about what you want? There is a sample playlist for you to look through and start you off with some ideas. Then we work out the perfect package for your day.

Before the Wedding Ceremony

As your guests gather, gentle background music will create a calm, happy atmosphere. This is the groom’s time – and it is nice to to request certain songs or pieces that will help him relax and reduce the nerves. We can also choose pieces or songs that your friends and family will recognise, helping to anticipate the fun and joy of the day ahead.

The Ceremony proper

The entry of the bride – and/or groom; music during the signing of the register; the exit of the newly married couple. If you are getting married in a church, we can add in hymns, or a sung psalm. And in a civil ceremony, we can choose other songs. I can also help suggest popular (and more unusual) readings. Maybe you would like a choir at the ceremony? I can help you find the perfect group. My role is to help you find the right elements to choose from.

The Wedding Breakfast

It can take the photographer quite a while to capture the perfect selection of images of your special day. A little background music, while guests arrive for the wedding breakfast and raise their first glass to toast you, creates a relaxed atmosphere where the time passes quickly until you are ready to greet your guests.

During the Wedding Breakfast, live music is a perfect accompaniment. Gentle enough to be easily talked over – it can be a delicate balance. One of those things designed to be almost unnoticeable, but as necessary in dressing a room as the tablecloths and floral arrangements.

Party into the evening

I can provide background music for your evening reception.I can also help you find a band for your evening entertainment. Whatever your thoughts, just ask and together we will find the perfect selection for your special day.